What's coming

A running list I intend to touch upon before I die. I am hoping to develop interactive data stories and visualizations around these topics within the limitations of publicly available datasets.

On Data, Technology and Civic Governance

☐ Public transit systems: A quantitative comparison of efficiency, coverage, cost and usage in major cities.

☐ Stop signs vs. speedbreakers: Effectiveness in developing countries, and cultural influences.

☐ IoT, Data and Smart Cities: Comparisons of trends, innovations and challenges across developed and developing nations.

☐ Vehicle ownership and parking availability in the US: How skewed is the distribution?

☐ Planes, Trains and Automobiles: How far can you get in the US without stepping into a car?

☐ Design and Social Behavior: Can technology, design and data influence social behavior?

On Democracy, India and Indology

☐ Governance in India: Comparing cities and states on common governance metrics.

☐ Smart cities in India: How do cities rank?

☐ Rail safety in India: Is train travel safe in India?

☐ Sanskrit and Mathematics: Hidden numbers and patterns in ancient poetry.

☐ The Indian Constitution: Amendments and evolution over six decades.

☐ The Indian Penal Code: The curse of legacy and dated laws.