the site

dimension2 is a repository of interactive data stories and photo essays, with the occasional rant or musings on current affairs. You can find a rolling list of topics this blog hopes to touch upon some day.

The site remains work in progress. Bug fixes and under-the-hood tinkering for functionality and aesthetics are likely to continue for the foreseeable future without, hopefully, getting in the way of the reading experience.

Have a question? Drop an email, and don’t be dirtah.

the author

... was a graduate student until recently, chasing what seemed like a very elusive Ph.D. Eventually got out of that all-but-dissertation stage of gradlife, and is still finding his feet in the big, bad world outside academia. Talked this nice software company into letting him work closely with academia even after graduation, and so he now plays grad student in sheep's clothing, for a living. In keeping with the academia hangover, he continues to vacillate between bouts of extreme diligence and extreme lethargy.

Passionate about innovations in education and the use of data and technology for civic and urban governance, he uses this space as a scratchpad for ideas, learnings, interactive data visualization and storytelling.

When not at the keyboard, he can be found awkwardly sprawled on the floor or hanging upside down at random locations, in the often misplaced belief that he is taking making photographs. That is also the closest to any form of exercise he is known to get. Can, on all other occasions, be found under a comforter pondering about the larger purpose of life.

Has a name, but given his new-found penchant for the self-aggrandizing third-person, refers to himself around here as ‘the author’ instead – for lack of a more diabolical pseudonym.